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R.I.P Joly

R.I.P Joly
Funeral Details
Oli's Book Of Condolence

Details Of Oli's Funeral

Oliver's funeral will be held at Aldridge Parish Church, on Friday April 7th, 12noon
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Everyone is welcome, and the family have asked that the dresscode not be black. People are welcome to wear their football shirts, scarves - I presume the family want the occasion to be a celebration of Oliver's life, as opposed to a mourning.
It would mean alot to his family if you all attended to give a remarkable man a good send off.
R.I.P Oli


R.I.P Oliver Hewitt (aka Jolysaddler, Oli)

Oliver Hewitt (Oli a.k.a Jolysaddler) passed away in the early hours on the morning of March 23rd 2006 at the age of 23.
Many of us that spoke to Oli, knew he was intelligent, always happy, outgoing and always thought about everyone else. He never passed judgement on anyone.
I know him through away games like so many others but even fellow posters off Upthesaddlers were his internet family, we spoke to him everyday and through messages even those that never met him knew what kind of bloke he was.
He was Walsall through and through, never would let anyone say a bad word about his club.
Words cannot describe our feelings and emotions right now.
23 is no age!! He had his whole life in front of him. Life is so cruel. As the saying goes, "the good die young".
There are people out there that are alive today and dont worship their own life, Oli did. Oli was always drinking, going to the gym or playing football, he never stopped. 
I just think their is no justice in the world when good men like Oli pass away leaving scum to remain here with us.
He gave his whole life into supporting Walsall FC, he will be up there knowing that we have got our club back and there would be no bigger tribute than Walsall staying up now so we can dedicate it to Oli.

Lets all meet in the saddlers club on Saturday at 1.30pm and raise a glass to the tall lad, Oli. 
After all thats what he would want us to do.
Our thoughts go out to Oli's family and friends at such a sad time.
This board is set up for tributes, memories and your condolences for a top bloke that will be sorely missed.

R.I.P Oli, god bless.
A TRUE Walsall fan that will never be forgotten.

Our thoughts go out to Oliver Hewitt's (Oli aka Joly) family at such a sad time.